Measuring the stability of masts

The measuring process shows reproducibly and without damage the stability of masts due to the respective load and positional security. All loads, particular attachments, material and integration of the mast are taken into account.

This happens individually according to the materialdependent requirements, e.g. according to VDE 0210 (requirements for overhead lines) and DIN EN 1991-1-4 (wind loads) tamper-proof and document-proof.

The static properties are determined from the recordings of the maximum vibrations and then the head point shift due to external influences and additional mast loads are calculated and evaluated. The actual system properties are taken into account and the respective damage is derived.

The measuring method for checking the stability of masts is a reproducible and damage-free testing and measuring method that essentially obtains a wide range of information from the vibration measurements and thus makes a scientifically reliable statement about its stability and predicted service life. Specifically, this is done by integrating the measuring device into the luminaire.

The monitoring of the masts base of an accredited procedure that has been tried and tested over many years and has been validated many times. The accelerometer integrated in the luminaire is designed as a sleeper and is woken up at certain frequencies triggered by the wind in order to measure the stability at the time of the excitation. As long as the results are within the normal range, no measurement data will be transmitted to the operator or agent.

If the frequency deviates in such a way that it has to assume that the system is not secure, a message is sent to the operator either in the form of an email or via a visual traffic light (green-yellow-red).



  • The traffic safety obligation is fulfilled at all times.
  • The operator can selectively visit the damaged masts and repair or replace them.
  • The operator has a daily overview of the status of his network and the corresponding effort that he must make to ensure the functionality of his network.
  • The operator saves personnel who previously had to start up and check the mast systems. He also saves storage- / investment-costs for materials and equipment.
  • The operator can summarize the process with Smart City modules and call up all data for this mast and the luminaire via a global app.
  • Depending on the number of masts to be measured, the costs for this system will be cheaper in a kind of flat rate than the current costs for  network maintenance.


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