Video surveillance system


Safe city - Smart city

All-in-One lighting and surveillance system with in-house Video Analytic Department (C3 Vision) offers the full package of engineering and software competence from planning to realization. We are a single source partner for the complete supply chain.


Using new street lighting
infrastructure to provide:

  • Adequate LED lighting
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Video security / analytics
  • Customized solutions
Fields of application:

  • Traffic control
  • Speed detection
  • License plate recognition
  • CCTV cameras
  • Access control
  • Crime prevention
  • Crime detection


  • areal security
  • privacy protection
  • counting
  • license plate recognition
  • face detection

SMART WALL for control centers

  • provides a complete and instant overview of the installation
  • full integration with video
  • management system and map function (e.g. Google)


  • project planning including
  • areas of surveillance
  • specific requirements


CCTV security and analytics


Protects everything for you.
Even your privacy.

  • Anonymvis encrypts your video images in real time where it makes sense.
  • The video surveillance recognizes all security-relevant events, people, however, are pixelated.
  • Thus the consistent protection of private sphere can be assured.
  • The original images are as previously saved in the video management system. Access is granted only to a limited group of people.
  • Pixelated video data cannot be reconstructed without the original data and is hence safe from misuse.
  • The software also allows only partial pixelation of a frame.


Your safety in eyeshot.
Also around the corner.

  • High level person detection for perimeter protection.
  • Designed for outdoors and all weather conditions.
  • Simplified scene configuration by using just 3 parameters.
  • Uses a 3D scene model and machine learning for precise object classification.
  • Seamless integration into VMS systems.
  • Detection accuracy allows direct alarm forwarding to security centers.
  • Computer vision algorithms, based on several years of joint research with leading European research institutes.


Knowing what matters.
You can count on it.

  • Automatic visual analytics.
  • People counting for top- and side view.
  • Statistics in real time.
  • Filter your data regarding time and location.
  • Export data for post-processing.
  • No restrictions in defining counting areas.
  • Check each count event in the VMS alarm list if needed.
  • Dedicated algorithms for various camera positions.
  • Computer vision algorithms based on several years of joint projects with leading European research institutes.


Manufacturers worldwide are always welcome and find a competent contact person.


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