Worldwide Nr. 1 retrofit LED luminaire


Ecclesia Lux

The ECCLESIA LUX retrofit bulb is a special development for high ceiling buildings, originally designed for churches and cathedrals aiming to illuminate inside their sacral buildings. It can convert existing lighting systems with improved technology and keep historic antique fixtures unchanged at the same time. Small but powerful unit, it will deliver up to 5.000 lumen and will give light designers or individual users a great variety of design options.

The ECCLESIA LUX will keep buildings magnificent, significantly cut energy usage, redvuce costs and at the same time increase the light output. With much longer lifetime in compare to traditional lights, no maintenance will be needed for years.


Power 50 W (Supply voltage AC 230 V)
Number of LEDs 104
Colour temperature 4000K
CRI ≥ 80
Luminous flux 5000 lm
System efficacy 100 lm/W
Beam angle 120°
Power factor 0.94
Dimensions 189.3 x 152.6 x 152.6 mm
1.9kg class II A+



Manufacturers worldwide are always welcome and find a competent contact person.


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